Quality Control

Here at Raitto Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc. we strive to meet your quality needs.


Living Quality Protocall

We establish a quality program to fit your needs and work from the " first off " parts to design the QC sheet and establish if we need custom fixtures and gauges to provide the tolerances that you need. We view the quality aspect as ongoing in that as the production continues details might arise that would indicate a tighter tolerance or perhapse a differential tolerance between two or more features. We always have our eyes on the most important aspect of quality control. When your product leaves our facility it will arrive at your facility functional and in specification.


Cradle to Grave 

If you need traceability from cradle to grave we can accommodate you with documentaion from our suppliers and through our company. If you need special certifications we will do our best to achieve them, such as recently we achieved a bovine free certification for a medical part.